Pasta Metaxa, has been established with a reason of producing and delivering quality fresh frozen pasta in the market.For this reason, our company imported and installed pasta manufacturing machines from leading Italian companies of this sector, with years of expertise and very big amounts of investments in high- tech technologies for the production of fresh pasta.

Strategic priorities for our company are, the use and selection of top quality Greek raw materials since this, ensures the quality and the uniqueness of our products. The strict, selection process of our suppliers in order to fully comply with the quality criteria we set is considered from as an investment. Not only because we build strong relationships that allows us to achieve stability in the quality of our products, but also because we consider it as a principle to develop new ideas and perspectives.

The combination of technology with traditional recipes had, as a result, the production of products whose main features are the easy preparation (3 minutes cooking, without thawing), uniform shape, excellent taste and flawless texture of the dough.

Why did we choose the deep-frozen technique?

According to the food technologists, this specific technique is a natural solution for the maintenance of pasta because a) it guarantees the preservation of the organoleptic elements of the product b) it increases the expected lifetime of the products. As a result, we have a product that reaches the final consumer having kept unaltered it’s nutrition quality, as well as, the unique sensation of freshness thank to the lack of preservatives.
In particular, our products during the production process are being frozen at -40°Cand afterwards they stored and maintained in a controlled temperature of -20°C or lower, in order to prevent the growth of microorganisms and to maintain untouched the nutritional value for up to 18 months.


Our company is certified with ISO 22000: 2005 which fully complies with the standards of HACCP analysis, a method of self control which aims to secure the health of the consumers from any possible hazards, in order to meet with the demands of the final user (final consumers, distributors etc) and all parties involved in the production process and product management.