It has been proved, that some frozen foods retain the same nutritional value, taste, color and aroma like fresh ones. As long as, they are frozen directly, they are not being frosted again after leaving them to defrost and the right cooking terms are followed.

One of the major advantages, of freezing, is that it delays the deterioration of the food and it keeps it safe by preventing the growth of microorganisms and slowing down the enzyme activity which causes food spoilage.

The water, that the food contains, is transformed into ice crystals and has, as a result, the prevention of further growth of microorganisms. In some cases, depending on the sensitivity of the product, this process allows us to avoid the using of preservatives.

Please, note below some useful instructions for safe handling and conservation of frozen foods:

  • Frozen food that have been frozen and thawed should not be frozen again.
  • Take the frozen food from the freezer after you have finished with the rest of your shopping, just before you arrive at the cashier.
  • Place, all the frozen products only in one bag. In this way, you ensure that you will maintain properly the temperature of your frozen products. As a result, the products will arrive frozen in your refrigerator. If the distance of the supermarket from your home is more than 15/20 minutes, please be supplied with special bags for frozen products.
  • Once you get home, immediately place the products in the freezer.
  • If you do not want to use the entire content of the package, do not thaw the whole package.
  • Always follow the instructions that appear on the label of each package.