PIZZA Pizza, is one of the most famous and favorite foods for children and adults. The wide consumption, of this product on an international level is one of the most important factors that led the company to produce it. Thanks, to our many years of experience in making pizza, we accomplished to retain the same quality of the product in frozen form. Given that, the dough is fresh frozen and not pre-baked , this is the major advantage in maintaining, flavor, freshness and its nutritious value inalterable while baking. Additionally,an another advantage is that, Pizza Metaxa can be cooked immediately without the need to defrosted it first. This has,as a result,faster service of customers, since the baking time does not exceed 10-12 minutes. Our products, are available in 4 sizes. It has been observed that, the sectors that present great correspondence regarding pizza products are, play areas, cafe-bar, restaurants, beach bars, hotels, catering organizations, bakeries, refreshment stands, bistro, super or mini markets.