RAVIOLI Fresh Pasta with different fillings are one of the most well known and favourite foods in the world. Easily and fast to prepare, rich in beneficial components, they can be combined splendidly with different sauces. All the above reasons, constitute the fundamental axis of Pasta Metaxa that has become a pioneering company in the production of fresh-frozen pasta with different fillings. These products, are produced based on traditional recipes by using modern equipment and Italian standards. Raviolli, Tortelloni as well as and the other fresh-frozen pasta products of Pasta Metaxa are being deeply frozen right after their production in fresh and no in dehydrated form.Their basic characteristics are, the uniform shape, the exceptional flavor, the exquisite quality of dough and the lack of preservatives since they are deeply frozen products . Their flavor, remains inalterable for 12 months. Pasta Metaxa, gives great emphasis in the selection of Greek raw materials by selecting, Greek cheeses, wheat from the best Greek grains etc. Our products, constitute the ideal solution for chefs thanks to the easy and fast preparation due to the fact that they do not need to be defrosted and they are only boiled for 3-4 minutes roughly. At the same time, they can offer a wide range of dishes since they can be served in many different ways. They can be served as first or main dish. Moreover, according to the new trend they constitute an outstanding solution accompanying with wine. The combination of tradition with modern technology has, as a result, the creation of different products that fully correspond with the requirements of the consumers. The fresh-frozen products of Pasta Metaxa, includes not only a big variety in fillings but also in colours of the dough. This result is achieved by using fresh vegetables such as spinach for green colour etc. The coloration of dough has ,as a result, a unique appearance of each dish.