PELMENI Pelmeni, with mincemeat filling is a different category of fresh pasta rather tasty and very popular in many countries. They belong, to the wider sector of pasta with different fillings, (like the Italian capelletti, tortelloni, etc). However, they belong in the same sector with the above pastas, they just differ in the recipe and flavor. Their filling, contains fresh beef and pork meat, salt, pepper, onion and spices. They do not, contain conservatives or additional chemical substances since they are deeply frozen products . Pelmeni of Pasta Metaxa, can be cooked in many different ways. Following the classical recipe , you boil them for 5-6 minutes and then you serve with fresh melted butter, yoghurt or sauce of your preference. An alternative way to cook them is, by using the frying pan or in the oven after you have poured custard of milk on them etc. Pelmeni, like the rest fresh-frozen products of Pasta Metaxa fully correspond with the requirements of the consumers for exceptional flavor and easy preparation.